Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Who Is This?

Written and Produced by Da’Lux Blaze, Recorded and Mixed by DJ D.Scott

Verse 1:

He’s my Tower in danger
Strength to the weak
Prince of all peace
God that I pray to

The Infinite Chief
One of Trinity’s Three
Who surrendered His seat
With the Alpha-Omega

Entered this scene
Of sin and disease
So men could indeed
Get out of God’s anger

Equality was not robbery
Jesus was God but He
Chose to come
Down to a manger

Gentle and meek
He was cleansin’ the Feet
Of His friends at a feast
Sittin’ down with the Savior

Was tempted like me
He senses my needs
He’s a sensitive priest
And His power is greater


That’s who He is –
Who? Who?
God became human –
He lived and He moved with us!

Who is this?
Jesus paid dues for
The sin that was dooming us.

Who is this?
[He’s] The visual image
Of God the invisible!

Who is this?
Yeah! Yeah!
Jesus the Christ –
That’s who He is!

Verse 2:

Jesus said He was
Before Abraham
Lettin’ ‘em know He
Was more than a man.

The Lord the “I AM”
The universe’s center
Mortal by plan
He knew He was sent to

Be bruised for the sinners
The group of His inner
Friends [were] clueless at dinner
That Judas had entered

Contract to entrap
The Master for cash
It’s sick, but a kiss
Was a stab in the back.

See the twitch, hear the groan
From the crack of the lash
As the whip of the Romans
Slashes His back.

See the gash and the splash
Of blood on the pavement –
A flood of it stainin’
A puddle remainin’

Take Him to a hill
Skull’s what they named it
They nail and they hang Him
Like a thug so degraded

[He’s] Hangin’ rejected
His body just shudders
Pain is reflected
In the eyes of His mother

God of all wonders
God of the thunder
Father, forgive us
The violence we’ve done ‘im

He dies where they hung him
Hurtin’, not vengeful
The earth it just trembles
The curtain in the temple

Tears into pieces.
Starin’ at Jesus,
“No, there’s no way
This person was sinful.”

Isaiah 53:6 –
Astray all the sheep went
He came to bleed and
To purchase the sinful.


Verse 3:

Here’s the critical moment
His critics are hopin’
His death will show
He had criminal motives:

Show He’s a
Hypocrite ‘cause He told them
He’s God, but now
A crypt is what holds Him.

They cringe with emotion.
Fearin’ a posse
Will steal Jesus body,
They send in some soldiers

To watch the place
Where His body was laid.
But, on Sunday,
He came out of the grave!

Whoah! Check it!
Catch what I said:
The flesh that had bled
Refreshed from the dead.

Jesus, He
Resurrected and yes
He stepped from the grave
With breath in His chest.

Skeptics might wanna’
Call this a lie
But over five hundred
Saw Him alive.

And all of the guys
Who hated, can’t shake the
Vacant tomb they
Saw with their eyes.

Empirical data
[for] this Miracle Maker –
To sheer to contain in
These lyrics on paper.

Here is the Savior,
Ladder of Jacob,
Master of David –



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