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Welcome 2 Life ft. T-rell

Written by Da’Lux Blaze & T-rell, Produced by DJ Dynasty for Chinaman Productions, Recorded and mixed by DJ D.Scott


You want it, you get it, then you chase it again
One life and you live it, then it will end
Welcome to Life!

You want it, you get it, then you chase it again
One life and you live it, then it will end
Welcome to…

Verse 1 (Da’Lux):

…the daily gr-gr-grizzle; it’s the morning in these streets
Despite the hustle, bustle and the horns goin’ beep-beep
this is a struggle where the boredom is knee-deep
People wide awake but they snoring like deep sleep
Same old tune – the song is on repeat –
It’s an old number, the beat keeps on comin’
with no drummer and as our hearts keep on pumpin’,
we grow number – the world is cold like it a deep freeze
No wonder we see crack like old plumbers.
No wonder we seek weed – we’re so blunted
We go under like ether although others
are “Roadrunners,” zoomin’ through life like “meep meep”
We hope to flash like photographs
There’s those who have not and those who have
And half the “have-nots” can’t buy grocery bags
While the “haves” that have knots like to blow that cash.
Every social class has that get-more-mind-state
though some choose paths that tally up on the crime rate
when hopes don’t match reality like a blind date.
We stay “on the go” like an enlarged prostate.


Verse 2 (T-rell):

He was a Wall Street veteran
Never patriotic but he loved dead Presidents
Up late night like Dave Letterman
Workin on a deal, stocks, he was sellin them
Caught up in the cycle like Lance when he’s pedalin
Get bread, spend it, Get bread again
Six figures but it is irrelevant
Cause inside he’s fightin like Cinderella Man
He just wanted his paper to get longer
In pursuit of happiness – Chris Gardner
Neglectful of his wife and his lil daughters
Who grow up, half of the time with a missing father
And he can’t stand it forever
He can’t manage the pressure
Now he’s manic depressive
In his hand is a weapon
And he’s debatin whether
He should put it
To his temple, pull it
And let the bullet wreck him
A sorrowful soldier, suicidal
Sold his soul for those sales and soon his life is
Tried livin it major
Lost like a fistful of paper
In Atlantic City or Vegas (…It’s crazy!)

Verse 3 (Da’Lux):

…the same ol’, same ol’ – same mess, same stress
same debt, can’t rest, chase that paycheck
grave shift, work more, make less
ain’t slept, stay stretched thin like latex
Then there are those at the apex
fame, sex, maid, jet, Maybach, gray Lex [REVISE]
face-lift maybe even fake breasts
stay fresh, they flex hard like great pecs
but it ain’t glamorous when they snort or take ex (ecstasy)
with failed marriages, new divorce, their eighth ex
Do we need money to live? Though I say yes,
please know it will all decay when we face death
It fades yet we stay like teeth – on the grind.
Man, could it be we’re believin’ a lie
that a piece of the pie’s what we need to get by?
We chase after things, but do these satisfy?
We seek but don’t find and do it till it’s done
Nothing we could try is new under the sun
That’s ‘cause in our hearts God’s put a yearning for eternity
so our earnest need’s only truly met in the Son



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