Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…


Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by DJ Dynasty for Chinaman Productions, Recorded and Mixed by DJ D.Scott

Like bike couriers,
I have a message, oriented to both genders like it’s bi-curious.
I’m courteous
but I take the beat and beat it good and treat it like I’m furious.
See, my theory is
that it’s likely if I cook it up hot and spicy kinda like curry is
when the current hits
– I mean the flow, it won’t blow but it’ll blow your mind more than the current hits
My burden is
For the hurtin’ kids
And the hurt women
And the hurtin’ men
For people who feel like pain has them circled in
– surrounded by a ring of flame like a circus trick
and there’s no escape
like that certain trick.
Chill – I only call her that ‘cause she was surely tricked
I was maybe eight
but can’t ever forget
How all day ‘til late
I’d see her work that strip
I look back now, though I didn’t get it then –
why she’d always go next door, and then come right back out
lookin’ whacked out as she walked the street again
’til I heard an older kid say “that’s a crack house!”


They’re sayin’ here am I, somebody listen please
If you hear my cry, please deliver me!
Sittin’ teary-eyed and can’t get no sleep
God is near, y’all, when those tears fall,

They’re sayin’ here am I, somebody listen please
Wail like Jeremiah, they just sit and weep
But in the Spirit find there is liberty
God – He hears y’all and He’s here, y’all


Now I’m in college and
Sometimes, I feel like I’m faced with so many fake faces like collagen
I’m a college man
so does that mean since people are real smart here now all the problems end?
Nah, think again –
at times it’s so tense it makes it feel hard to breathe like no oxygen
just watching them
I feel like a “Man on Fire” – yeah I am Denzel, but not Washington
And I got a sense
There are lots of them
Nah – lots of us
who behind our skins
have burdens on our hearts that we often hide from friends
‘cause at Princeton the unwritten rule’s [that] you gotta blend.
Love “diversity”
but you gotta bend
put work before all else ‘cause that’s what got you in
Though some hurt indeed
Like that guy who went
here before me,
suicide his end.
I heard the news was so sad, more than rumor though
‘cause though I wasn’t here yet, yo the whole school was low
If you’d have known him,[you] mighta thought that it was life as usual
Guess it shows you can have the whole world and still lose your soul



Been hurtin’ lately
real shook up, trembling. It was heart-rendin’ when I heard that the crazy
earthquake in Haiti
got my people goin’ through Hell like a real-life version of Hades
And now daily
The news reports consume my thoughts, my mood is dark like when the day leaves
Now they’re ailing
– every movement expressing their “Cry” like a dance by Alvin Ailey
Nah, I’ll say “we”
My fam is aching
not just the definite
but the pain of “maybe”
so many still missin’. Listen, if you can’t see
at least feel what I’m sayin’ like some Braille, please
Pain is deep and yet
Keep the faith, be-
lieve His strength is perfect in our frailty
Though we’re seein’ death
and hope is hazy
I’m like the teacher’s pet
– God will never fail me.
And no this isn’t just me, all those who give Him trust.
Though some like Pat Robertson don’t really get it but
God makes the rain fall on both the wicked and the just
And even now our voices [are] cryin’ out, “ Lord, deliver us!”



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