Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Turn the Lights On!

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by DJ DeeKay, Recorded by DJ D.Scott, Mixed by DJ DeeKay and DJ D.Scott


Been gettin’ ready for this my whole life-long
Up late thinkin’ and prayin’ like all night long
Practicin’ til I rap tight like a python
It’s time to start the show: TURN THE LIGHTS ON!

My time is right now – never know when I’m gone
‘Cause if I die now, what’d I use my time for?
Speak life now – nah, I don’t just write songs
Christ must start to show: TURN THE LIGHTS ON!

Verse I:

You might not know who I am – well, here’s my introduction
– my name and where I’m from, though that’s a tricky question
First off, my name’s Da’Lux, some say it “DAH-LOOOX”
That’s Latin for light ‘cause I aim to blaze for the truth

Philly-born, lived in Staten Island a while
but after that, I moved around a lot as a child:
cities, burbs, and towns. And when we couldn’t find us a house
I lived in a trailer park during my time in the South

If home is where the heart is – I have no doubt
I’m at home on the beat. Sure as a bride loves her spouse –
I got love for music. From the time I came out
the womb it’s like I was born with a rhyme in my mouth

As for my style, gospel I was brought up on
I wasn’t wild, bout to party hard like Mardi Gras
Still, as a child to hip-hop my heart was drawn
And now I even like a little rock like Arkansas

God brought me far though I’m wonderin’ how
And unlike the weather, trust He won’t “front” on me now
As the oldest with 8 sisters and brothers around,
it really ain’t nothin’ new to stand in front of a crowd


Verse II:

I’ve been ‘round like a ball though I was born a Philly boy
and I’m not “Chi” at all but I’m tryin’ hard to bring “Illa-noise.”
I’m bout to snap like that tiger y’all – Siegfried & Roy
This world’s crazy like a psycho ward – no Sigmund Freud

So many are empty, so listen I’m simply tryna to fill the void.
Christ gives men hope, the enemy’s MO is to kill, destroy.
and steal our joy while we chasin’ after those silly toys
it hurts my heart indeed, pardon me if I feel annoyed

Thought I would overflow, so much inside of me
That I spilled it over flows – a poetic diary
In dire need, I wrote this when no one was there to share it with
And in those times, my rhyme book was like my therapist

It’s very therapeutic to clear the air polluted by cares;
I paired some music with rhymes like a match maker
Had problems to work out, but I’m not a math major –
Couldn’t solve ‘em in my head – so here’s my scratch paper

They say you need dough to get dough like bake sales
but all I can push is Christ – man I’m broke like egg shells.
I’ma be real – go on and send the hate mail.
I’ll leave my life on the track like that horse named “Eight Belles”


Verse III:

Don’t get me wrong; this ain’t about me, not at all
I put my heart in this but there is a lot involved
I’m tryna engage with this world in a dialogue
Rappers are service providers but often drop the call.

Believers say they’re fishin’, but at times miss the boat
while time is sprintin’ by fast like Mister Bolt
Yeah I am a Christian but still I feel the pulse
of the culture; it’s got a current like sixty volts

I know it’s kinda temptin’ to go with the flow
But while I am swimmin’, know it’s a different stroke.
I’m not a politician, ain’t tryna get your vote
but like Obama, listen, I’m just tryna give you hope

‘Cause this life we live in – I know it’s difficult
In this strife and tension – how can you cope?
See lifers in the prisons, their burden’s lifelong
seems like life’s a prison, Ima turn the lights on –

to highlight life’s problems, pressures, pain and the lies
to spotlight those who might never have a chance to shine
to communicate for those with no voice like pantomimes
and to illuminate why through it all I see the hand of God



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