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Light Shine Thru ft. Adrienne & D.s.sence

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Vocals by Adrienne Gittens & D.s.sence, Produced by Nicholas Antoine, Recorded and Mixed by DJ D.Scott

Verse 1:

This is a prayer for Dre – You know where He stays
If not for Your grace, I might be there today.
‘Cause there were days [when] just one parent raised
me too. No dad to help share the weight
I stare in space, thinking of where we came from.
Our moms gave birth in January, same month,
same year. They both carried baby sons,
[and] lived with their moms, unmarried, dazed, young.
We used to crawl and draw together.
Made pictures but Dre’s were always better.
We’d skate on the porch in warmer weather.
He used one skate; I was on the other.
Even when I got a new daddy, still we
Would play whenever I came back to Philly
But it’s hard to say what happened really;
Soon we hardly talked or acted silly.
I was blessed with life, met with Christ as a young child.
He shed His light, set me right like a sundial.
Instead of fights at dead of night tryna’ run wild,
I slept so tight never frightened by a gun sound.
I worship now ‘cause I don’t deserve an ounce.
[I’m] Not certain how, God, You worked it out.
But Dre is hurtin now, caught in the streets,
Longing for peace, Lord let Him see [that] You can turn it round.


I can’t be arrogant – I’m right there with them.
You showed unmerited favor when I was perishin’.

God You care for men. Make them aware of sin
And grace clear to them. This is my prayer for them:

That Your light would shine through
Let Your light just shine through
I pray Your light would shine through
Open up their eyes so they can find You.

Verse 2:

This grace is of God; it amazes my mind.
Lord, this is a prayer for Jason and Rob.
You know – those two older neighborhood guys
I used to know during my days in N.Y.
I pray they’re alive. It’s been ages since I’ve
Seen them. I wonder are they stayin’ in line?
‘Cause their dads were absent, they stayed with their moms,
who stayed on their grind just to make the payments on time.
Jay liked to ball. Rob liked to brawl.
They ran wild like cars when stoplights are off.
I’m not tryna’ call them bad apples
But in the city many younguns are ripe to fall.
Without right support the plant might get caught up
In life’s thorns till life’s gone and life’s a goner.
The night is strong but the light is stronger.
I write this song ‘cause my life is warmer
Then it should’ve been; [it] could’ve been life on the corner
Of the hood and it would’ve been but Christ He sure ‘nough
Showed His goodness and took it and turned strife to order.
I look and glimpse footprints of mercy like a stalker
Following me, but remember Rob and Jay.
Dear God I pray for their eyes that they’d see.
Father I plead that You send a shining ray.
Clear blindness may they come to knowledge of Thee ‘cause…


Verse 3:

This prayer I lift is for those hearin’ this,
For those cheerin’ it and those who glare and sit
In chairs and squint. They’re not aware of it
But there exists a problem and it’s serious.
It’s not limited only to the single parent kids.
[It] Pays no respect to the economic tier you’re in.
It’s not embarrassin’ flaws in your hair or skin,
But just stare in the mirror and there it is.
The shoe fits. Truth is we’re all wearin’ it.
And all humans are caught in the snare of sin.
You might say, “Hey! Look at the terrorists.
I’m not that bad; I’m good in comparison.”
But God’s standards get past mere appearances.
He’s peerin’ in our hearts. That’s where the error is.
We’re in perilous straits, a precarious place,
‘Cause from careless mistakes to arrogant hate
All our motives are bare in His gaze
So we’ll perish away in a spiritual haze.
The darkness is dense, but hear what I say.
Wouldn’t you wanna get out if there was a way?
Or there was a ray so clear it could make
Nightmares of your fate and fears be erased?
There’s an escape it’s my prayer that you take.
Through Christ Jesus we can get unmerited grace so…



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