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Know This (Remix) ft. J. Crooks

Dedicated to My Mom

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Vocals by Jared Aldwin Crooks, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by DJ D.Scott

Verse 1: Let’s take a trip back to the year ’88
this the time — PA the place. A young, dear lady makes
a decision ’bout a livin-not-quite-here baby’s fate
she opts not to let a doctor come and clear babe away
And many would rather she’d have the kid aborted instead
’cause she’ll have to raise the babe without support from his dad
plus, the girl’s in college, so all of this adds
to a situation sticky like she’s caught in a web
How’s the kid gone get fed? The mom’s not twenty-one yet
Out of all scenarios, this ain’t the one she’d expect
She wasn’t set — a child wasn’t on the radar
In distress ’cause of this mess she begins to pray hard
She prays, “God, I don’t wanna abort this baby
but if I bear this child, I need you to support us daily.”
And maybe some thought her crazy for trustin’ her way to God
but thanks to Him and my mom, I was born in ’89


Everybody, stop and listen to me – know this
God wanted you here, you’re meant to be – know this
The Potter’s planned you for centuries.
You’re His vessel, you’re special
And you were meant to be – know this (Repeat 2x)

Verse 2:

I wrote that first verse as a senior in high school
It’s funny – now I’m a senior in college
For more of the story peep the song “Light Shine Thru”
Time flew in the blink of an eyelid
God rules – kid in the first verse – yes, that’s me
Mom, you never knew we’d be blessed so sweet.
‘Cause I truly was an unplanned pregnancy
It’s God who ordered this young man’s destiny
Toni Brown, brown-skinned girl from West Philly
holdin’ down the fort, standin’ tall at just five feet
in the days we needed help from W-I-C
and Nana too. Y’all my girls – my love for you lies deep
Who knew in 2010 I’d make it to twenty-one?
The same age my mom gave birth to that chubby son
Although some would claim the way I came was not the way you’d want
and it’s cliche to say, still I know “God don’t make no junk”

J. Crooks:

Listen people,
I know this life you didn’t ask for it
but please believe that you’re no accident
Your former won’t be great as your latter is. (Repeat 2x)

Verse 3:

Now some might be thinking “well good for him”
Others might say this song’s mad corny
‘cause maybe you’re on the outside looking in
so you only know one half of the story
Truth is I struggled – while young it was hardest for me.
Used to wonder why all my brothers were darker than me
But as I grew older, man, I really started to see
Despite it all, God had a plan – it was part of the scheme
That brought lastin peace – I’m not a flop, not a tragedy
Actually, a surprise move in God’s strategy
Tragically, many think they don’t have any worth
think they’re stupid, think they’re useless, or not pretty – many hurt.
but you’re God’s handiwork. Like a lump of some clay
he molded you in the womb and he numbered your days –
Psalm 139 – so even if you’ve never been told this
I wrote this in hopes that you would one day come to know this


J. Crooks adlib at the end


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