Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Gon’ Give ‘Em

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by Tony Stony for Tony Stone Music

Verse 1:

Since today, the need for leadership’s somewhat desp’rate
I dictate these rhymes like my pen’s unelected
No holds barred, don’t hold bars from my message
Raw like when peeps hit sheets unprotected
Meaning is what my lines are pregnant with
Jesus, we need him; the signs are evident
Trust me dog, to brush Him off is recklessness
it’s like drunk sex – you don’t know who you messin wit’
You don’t have to be a pessimist
to see life’s a real mother-Whoops! like Oedipus
Though I know you’re prob’ly used to unedited
the Spirit has a special grip [that] like traction won’t lemme slip
Can’t evade the facts– even if you try your best
to catch a break, life is still taxing like the IRS
But my God gives rest in times of stress
so I cook these lines up under fire like an Iron chef


We gon’ give ‘em Jesus yeah!
And If the world hate us homie we don’t care
Look ‘em in the eye tell ‘em we ain’t scared
We’ll never be alone ‘cause He’s right there

Yeah we’re kind of a problem
People with flaws whose God lives inside them
We’re lights in the Dark Nights like Gotham
You may be a goon but you will lose unless you got Him

Verse 2:

Yeah, call me “foggy” ‘cause I live in the midst (mist)
Of a world that gets under my skin like a tick
The symptoms are thick; we need a remedy quick.
Somebody call a doctor ‘cause the industry’s sick
And it gets me baffled ‘cause these “Little Rascals”
be like “what’s the number for 9-1-1?”
when any day Death could call your number like a raffle
so I pray you know who to call by the time I’m done
Even conscious ones –these emcees
see the problems but can’t secure the peace we need
so I give truth from the Book like John 3:16
In the booth with a hook and rhymes – three 16’s
P.E. screamed “Fight the Power” in ‘89
No wonder I’m a rebel – born at the same time
There’s hunger like famine; rappers stuck on the same themes
but watch me play salmon – I won’t swim with the mainstream


Verse 3:

I use the microphone like some cats use handguns
and take no prisoners – I ain’t askin’ for ransoms
Go straight guerilla when the track is bananas
to get people on their feet like the national anthem
Not for hysteria – actin’ all random,
rather actin’ in tandem to rock America
and model character, not a hollow caricature
Even if they “boo” us like Apollo amateurs
I’m seekin’ Esthers born for “times such as these”
And some Daniels who ain’t scared to lie with the beasts
I don’t lack heroes: Shadrach, Meshach
and “A-bad-negro” showed me how to handle the heat
I copped that line from Pastor Tony Evans
Time to stop the lie [that’s] God’s for only reverends
Time for believers to be a vocal presence
Although we got answers, they don’t even know the questions



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