Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Foreign Language ft. Nicki Martine

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Additional Vocals by Nicki Martine, Produced by Dynasty for Chinaman Productions, Recorded & Mixed by DJ D.Scott

V. 1:

Open your eyes, let’s go for a ride, there’s so much that I wanna show you girl
You be Jasmine, I’ll be Aladdin – together we’ll travel a “Whole New World”
Can’t show you diamonds, or show you pearls
– but if you like bling, we can dance under the stars –
Can’t show you islands, or show you the world
– but we can take a trip hand-in-hand in the park
And we can practice romance like an art
and we can get candles after it’s dark
to light up our meal. We’ll delight in the thrills
of life and just chill and laugh as we talk

We could get some R&R/ listenin’ to R&B
we could just sit arm-in-arm/ wherever we are and be
cheek-to-cheek and heart to heart/ – so close you are a part of me
If this don’t touch your heart at all/ – it’s not for you so pardon me
but if this pulls your heart’s guitar/ strings so they inaudibly
sing along in one accord/ like melody and harmony
and if tonight I steal your heart,/ a felony like larceny
and if in love we start to fall,/ sorta like the autumn leaves,

then pause and please, girl let’s take it slow, patient though we’re sorta anxious
Let’s listen hard ‘cause it just might be love sounds like a foreign language


“…like a foreign language…” (x3)

V. 2:

Open your ears, the songs that I hear – in so many there’s this tendency
To equate love with sex or say love’s a debt owed when you get a girl a Hennessey –
“I’ma buy you a drink” then you get with me –
the mindset that rules minds of the dudes in the club.
“Buy me things if you’re into me”
Girl please don’t be foolish and then confuse this for love
Now I’m not tryna be like Judy and judge
And I’m not tryna say I’m Cupid, because
I’m actu’lly a novice, lackin’ in knowledge
In fact, if I’m honest, I too screw it up

But don’t you wanna enter in/ to a love that inwardly
has the strength to endure in/ times when even friends would leave
Love plain like the M & M’s/ with no peanuts in ‘em. See,
“Lose yourself” like Eminem/ – you and I turns into “we”
Talking real and genuine/ no game like Nintendo Wii
Maybe not this instant then/ [it] still could be eventually
Love sweet like some cinnamon/ or cream and sugar in your tea
Well if God’s a synonym/ for love and it’s this we seek
And if God’s love is infinite/ going for infinity
First, we should be listenin’/ cause His love speaks differently

So listen please, girl let’s take it slow, patient though we’re sorta anxious
Let’s listen hard ‘cause it just might be love sounds like a foreign language



Yeah, I know love we want it
We end up lustin’ for it
Whole culture’s rushin’ forward
What if it’s somewhat foreign?

Yeah, love we want it
but we can’t just ignore this
– if God is love, let’s listen
to His instructions for it.


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