Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Do I Dream Wrong?

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by Young Reezy for Point Up Productions, Recorded and Mixed by DJ D.Scott


I know it’s not about me since I’ve been reborn
but if God’s got plans for me, tell me – do I dream wrong?

Do I dream wrong?
Do I, do I dream wrong?
Do I dream wrong?
Do I, do I dream wrong?

Verse 1:

These are the thoughts that be keeping me up at night
The questions won’t leave me alone, but slumber might.
As I stare at the ceiling, I’m startin’ to wonder like
Man, how do you reconcile this stuff with Christ?

I mean, Yeezy said “wait til I get my money right”
And Weezy said he got girls who “wanna lick the rapper”
And Jeezy said he’s so fly he works for NASA
But Jesus said to follow me you must give up your life

And that’s a contrast – man, that’s kinda scary!
Does that mean forsake every desire that’s monetary?
No girl for me like a friar in a monastery?
“Do bad by myself” kinda like Tyler Perry?

Though responses vary, lots wanna flip this
And now many preachin’ that Gospel of “Get Rich”
I know that’s extreme, but if I still have my dreams,
like big girls in skinny jeans – am I such a misfit?


Verse 2:

Can I be real? Sometimes I fear foolishly
that letting God lead means he might end up screwin me
Like what if he brings a girl who indeed
can quote the whole Bible, but she really ain’t cute to me?

and I do believe that real beauty’s deep
but I think some could use a little more beauty sleep
I’m so wrong – Lord forgive me and renew me please
Still I hope some can relate to the truth I speak

If God gave a gift, there has to be reasons.
But sometimes I feel like my tracks can’t reach ‘em
so I stay hungry like a Pac-man eatin’
and I dream big like a fat man sleepin’

‘Cause sometimes the crowds don’t come easily
and deep down, I feel the urge to scream and be
like, “you snooze, you lose” – a phrase used frequently,
and I’m not a bed, so don’t y’all dare sleep on me!


Verse 3:

I’m tryna be honest, not just “pie-in-the-sky”
As a Christian I hear all this talk of dying to “I”
‘cause though to glorify God is why I am alive
I would be a liar if I tried to hide or deny I got desires inside

So tell me – are dreams really a problem with God
I’m convinced the response has gotta be “nah”
Joseph had dreams some people would prob’ly call pride
But God used those same dreams to save thousands of lives

Still, let’s not forget the path was roundabout
Ain’t no yellow bricks, it’s the narrow route
He was down in the pit before the Pharaoh’s house
The seed must cease to live, before the flower sprouts

Lord, please teach me trust, so I learn to submit
There’s no need to rush, stand firm like cement
You’re tellin’ me to hush but do like Jesus did –
Say, “No, not my will but Your will, Lord, is my earnest wish”



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