Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…


Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by DJ Dynasty for Chinaman Productions, Recorded & Mixed by DJ D.Scott


If you know the answer, get your hands upraised
In darkness let’s spark this yo’ man just blaze
Grab the mic and – Blaze! With your life man – Blaze!
Let’s get hype and – Blaze! So the light can – Blaze!

If you know the answer, get your hands upraised
In darkness let’s spark this yo’ man just blaze
We get up and – Blaze! Fists are pumpin – Blaze!
Yeah we come and – Blaze! It’s Da’Lux man – Blaze!

Verse 1:

I’m goin all out. I’m called out, glad to get in
From death to life like rags to riches
As skin’s exposed by jeans with tattered stitches
Our sin’s exposed – our deeds are ragged denims
The “genes” are hand-me-downs; now knack for sinning
Is handed down, passed like a bad tradition
Adam miscalculated like it was bad addition
And sin spread to all men like rash that itches
Fellowship with God shattered like glass and dishes
Or Humpty Dumpty and no money or cash could fix this
And like an alley pass to midgets
God’s level is so high oh my not even Shaq could get it
Sounds pessimistic, but it’s true a sad statistic
We all fall short and the Lord’s wrath’ll visit
Every sin public, present, past or hidden
God’s standards are hard to grasp like astrophysics


Verse 2:

We’re not just socially conscious – nope we’re openly honest
About the hope that we got when we are vocally droppin’
Yo, we hold to this doctrine for those souls that have got sin
Jesus Christ alone is the only real option
For atonement and washin. No nobody tops Him,
Though Moses the prophet brought stones with the top ten
Showin’ that God in fact is holy, but God sent
Grace and truth through the Only Begotten
I know this be shockin, but go and read John in
1:14 he speaks of beholdin His hotness
His glory, His light, shown in the godless
Night holdin men hostage. His own people mocked him
But those in the bondage who’ve chose to acknowledge
Become his sons and daughters brought close by adoption
So we go wild like elbows in a mosh pit
Go shine and don’t hide with head low like an ostrich


Verse 3:

Let’s roll like a car, but know from the start
I’m no kinda star – I’m only a spark.
The road can get hard; I’ll show you the scars
My lyrics are like blood ‘cause they flow from my heart
transfusin’ this track, I’m usin this rap
for those in the dark with no clue where they at,
– if this music is whack, and they boo and don’t clap
for the boom and the bap, still the Truth is attached
Truth as in facts, and a Who and for that –
as the tool that I grab for doin this task
to put Christ in the front of their view and then act
Like it’s pre-Rosa Parks and move to the back
Blaze! Yeah I want all of the people in here
to Raise! Both of your hands should be in the air
and Praise! Glorify through the beat and the snare
let’s start a wave like grease in your hair
I’m keenly aware of the evil out there
the crime, the pain, the drive for things
but I’m eager to share the reason I flair
– the God who came to shine and blaze
In time and space to drive away
the grimy haze that blinds our face
So eyes can gaze a God who saves
He’s why I bathe the mic in flames
Get hype and name the answer, then give the proof
wave your hand high like nerdy kids in school



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