Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Be Real (a capella)

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Recorded by Denzel Cadet

Verse 1:

I struggle to start – mind cluttered with thoughts
Swarmin’ my brain like bats that flutter at dark.
Each expression is like an utterance caught
In the mouth of one prone to stutterin’ talk.
As I set the mood like potpourri and candlelight,
I think of how the po-po read Miranda rights
And man I’m like, I should cease to write and be silent
But I’m a prisoner without a right to be silent –
The strife and the violence, they arrest my attention
The stress and the tension in the sight of my eyelids
This ain’t reality show; it’s reality so I ask
How many folks will survive on the island?
– Life – dirt will cover us all one day.
But why do we suffer along the way?
The daily news exhausts my memory limit
with unfortunate events like Lemony Snicket
Why is it good people who generally get it?
the reason why seems to be generally cryptic
I’m conscious of my conscience like Jiminy Cricket
And this don’t seem right – can anyone dig it?

Do you see that? Do you hear that? Do you feel that? Where’s God at? [Repeat 2x]

Verse 2:

Cats can probably sense that my topic’s intense
How you gon hear this and take it casual – not even flinch?
Let’s go beyond an abstract logical sense
And look at real life like the catastrophic events
The kinda stuff that makes you ask if God could exist
And does He care about the mass chaos that I glimpse?
Nobody’s exempt. I’ll list details that I see but
I gotta admit this tale’s grim like the reaper
Lookin at the lives assailed by Katrina
The question is if there’s a God, did He fail us like FEMA?
Let’s be real man – this is more than play
Do you hear the cries of the babies born with AIDS?
The poor remain, their clothes torn and frayed
Forced to stay outdoors to brave pouring rain
War, insane violence, ravaged dreams
Girls raped by the man they call dad – it seems
pain’s the norm for some: there’s the day they’re born,
the day they’re gone, and suffering’s the dash between
Pain’s the norm for some: there’s the day they’re born,
the day they’re gone, and suffering’s the dash between

Do you see that? Do you hear that? Do you feel that? Where’s God at? [Repeat 2x]

Verse 3:

I’m sorely heartbroken at the horrors before me
Maybe God is dead like a corpse in the morgue. See
support for this surely – look at situations but
the book is missin pages ‘cause there’s more to the story.
Before you ignore me, what if a God ruling things
forfeited glory to live life as a human being?
In flesh and bones, birthed into history
He left his throne for earth and its misery
This is truly wondrous –
if Jesus didn’t just walk with us Kanye; He became one of us.
The evil on earth to me is unfathomable
Until I think of the greatest evil imaginable
that as sure as Jesus lived, Jesus died
meaning God allowed the crime of Deicide
Crucified, hanged, naked without honor
Feelin the pain of bein forsaken by a Father
Not just a name to say when we pray for help
We can pray to one who suffered pain himself
One who took poverty in exchange for wealth
So our tears and our fears are the same he felt
Homelessness, loneliness, abuse, all of it rolled up
He bore the suffering of the world on his shoulders
Thus He showed us, He knows the pain we feel
But from the grave He rose up, and He’s sayin still:

Yeah I see that. Yeah I hear that. Yeah I feel that. And I’m not slack
Cause I felt that. And I know that. See I died too. But I rose back.


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