Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

All of Me (Remix)

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by Cordaro “Chrdz” Rodriguez, Recorded & Mixed by DJ D.Scott, Remixed by Cordaro “Chrdz” Rodriguez


Lord, You gave it all for me
so I owe You all of me
soul, mind, strength and heart indeed
all I want and all I need
Is You, It’s You
I give You all the glory!

Verse 1:

You ever basked in the presence of greatness?
Have you ever seen a Being so ill?
This earth’s complex but He made it
And keeps it all on an even keel
Meaning it neither leans nor tilts
unless it be His will.
Forget the McCoy – since He is real
Yeah, I got a joy you couldn’t even kill
Since He became “meek” like Mill
arrayed in the frame of the things that He made
arraigned and then hanged and then laid in the grave
like pay He was raised with a name that’s so great
So great – every knee will kneel
emptied himself – became zero, nil
Just to leave His people filled
satisfied like a three-course meal


Verse 2:

In my days and my nights, in my pain and my strife
in the strain when I cry and it’s gray in the sky
When I’m down and I’m out and I’m down for the count
In the valleys and mountains and shadows of doubt
I’ll shout You’re king on the throne
No one can compete – You’re in a league of Your own
I have peace ‘cause I know you’re my Master and Daddy
My all in all when I “lack” like a Caddy



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