Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

Alive ft. D.s.sence

Written by Da’Lux Blaze & D.s.sence, Vocals by D.s.sence, Produced by DJ Dynasty for Chinaman Productions, Recorded & Mixed by DJ D.Scott


(I’m alive now) I was far from God,
(I’m alive) and dead like a corpse inside.
(I’m alive now) but He took the cross and died
(I’m alive) and the Son rose like morning time
(I’m alive now) I’ve been reborn – it’s by
(I’m alive) His mercy alone and all that I
(I’m alive now) can say is thank the Lord ‘cause Ahhh
Don’t it feel good to be MADE ALIVE!!!

Day or night, Rain or shine
Bless the Lord, Praise my God
I’m dead to sin and through him I’ve been made alive (Repeat 2x)

Verse 1 (Da’Lux):

Blessed be my God – He’s rich in mercy
Reverence Him highly since He’s worthy
Dead like a zombie – sin had merked me
Yet, I’m alive – see – He rebirthed me

He stepped on the set all dressed in the flesh
Heaven’s best yet He suffered a malevolent death
No stunt double, props or special effects
Nevertheless it had lots of special effects

He paid in blood when I had bad debts
[I’m] made a son of God with access
[to] savings funds all safe from taxes
He’s saving up heavenly assets

They’re stored up with God there for when I die
Therefore, when I die there’s more than the sky
awaiting. New mercy every morning I rise
Sorry Miss Blige but I’m much more than “Just Fine”…


Verse 2 (D.s.s.ence):

Right from birth I was scorned-within,
adorned-with-sin, but I’m glad I’m born-again
My relationship with God used to be worn-and-thin
I’m sworn-to-Him, there’s sun where the storm-had-been

Inform-ya-kin about his Amazing Grace
With our poetic praise we try to raise-the-place
Fire shot up in my bones at a blazing-pace
And we are not of this world like rays-in-space

They made the case for Christ and delivered the verdict
He bled, hung, and died everyone in town heard-it
hours-of-pain, but they were not hours-in-vain
‘Cause of His sacrifice His mercy is ours-to-gain

He was resurrected, He rose on the third-day,
My heavenly home’s erected, that’s just what the Word-say
In the worst-way, His blessings you could-use
I’m alive in Christ and I’m tellin’ the good-news


Verse 3 (Da’Lux):

I’M ALIVE like survivors
I-I-I’m live like a wire
Wretched, rotten – life expired
Dead man walkin’, Michael Myers

I’M ALIVE like a new babe yup
I-I-I’m live like news anchors
‘cause Christ appeased God’s anger
Set aside the beef like angus

UHN! Jesus, praise Him!
Taste the flavor He’s cookin’ with
When goodness and mercy season the plate – it’s
good like He put his foot in this

Yeah, when they nailed his foot and wrists.
– like illegal downloads he took a hit –
so God could overlook my crookedness
now I’m a “fisher of men” with a hook like this…



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