Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…

A Letter to My Editors

Written by Da’Lux Blaze, Produced by Crown One for K.P. Music Records, Recorded & Mixed by DJ D.Scott


Yeah the gospel, it is God’s power
When they’re hostile, we will not cower
From the high schools to the ivy towers
We are not moved, we are not silent

Some are not ready; they say it’s not stylish
they stay tryna dog us out like rottweilers
But God is so steady, His word is rock solid
The truth is so heavy I can’t help but drop knowledge

Verse 1:

They be like – all that Jesus stuff you said in your flows –
it’s like bad dancing ‘cause you’re steppin’ on toes
it’s bad manners – offending everyone so
it’s bad P.R. man – you never will blow

it’s bad business – you will never get dough
it’s bad luck bruh you shoulda left it alone.
They don’t get it’s been gospel since seven years old
and I won’t say it’s all, but it’s the best that I know

It wouldn’t be as simple as letting it go
when it’s rooted down deep in the depths of my soul
It’s not an illness, not like catchin’ a cold
Just the opposite – it’s what let me be whole

I was blind, seekin’ and it let me behold
My Jesus is better than silver and better than gold
it’s not glasses or contact lenses I leave in
the gospel is the very set of eyes that I see with


Verse 2:

And to the well-meaning friends who feel my abilities
but suggest I replace Jesus with positivity
cause too much “religion” can put people ill at ease,
They say I should rap more like the “conscious-tip” emcee

No disrespect intended; actually I commend them
to the extent they identify the reality we live in.
Emcees who don’t glorify brutality to women
drugs, crime, or the inequality of “the system”

But listen, social consciousness with no conviction
is like doctors giving a diagnosis but no prescription
Suppose your condition was truly threatenin’ –
Would you want the doctor to dilute the medicine?

See we don’t mind Jesus as long as he’s unobtrusive
That’s crazy. For example, consider someone who is
needing a transplant from a surgeon but she told him
“Do the surgery, but, please Doc, don’t cut me open!”


Verse 3:

Lastly, I will address some of the devoted brothers and sisters who make up my church family
I got so much love for y’all but I know some are concerned and so I will speak candidly
I know some are prob’ly put off by the music itself: the swag, the style and the beats
Plus, secular references I have made might have you fainting in the aisle from your seats

No apologies, but I’ll offer an explanation
This is not approval, nor is it imitation
but these are the voices that are informing my generation
Can’t expect youth to listen while ignoring what they’re sayin

I’m aiming to do like Paul at the Areopagus
to be aware of the culture, ‘specially where it contradicts
God’s word. And Hip hop serves as my conduit
but please keep me accountable as I share the gospel since…



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