Where faith, life, and lyrics meet…


The same God who said, “Let there be light” in the midst of darkness also can bring good out of seemingly dark situations. In the life of Da’Lux Blaze, this truth comes out clearly. This emcee was born in Philly to a single mother, a college student at the time, who was bombarded with recommendations to seek an abortion. However, instead of heeding the naysayers, she desperately cried out to God, praying, “I’ll have this baby, but if I do, You’re gonna have to take care of us.” God answered this simple plea beyond what she could have imagined. To begin with, He enabled her to graduate from college and to support her baby, and even brought a godly husband and father into their lives. From the time her precocious child started talking, he had a big mouth that often landed him in trouble; however, the original songs that the youngster created provided clues that later his words also could be a gift. Before she knew it, she was witnessing that same kid who supposedly should have been aborted graduate from Princeton University. More importantly, while still young, her son had come to the knowledge of who Jesus Christ is, a treasure more precious than any degree from a prestigious school.

Today, God’s great mercy and grace compel Da’Lux Blaze to shine in whatever context he finds himself. In the spirit of Matthew 5:14-16, he derives his name from the Latin word for light (“Lux”). During his time in college, he enlightened audiences at numerous open mic nights, fundraisers, cafés, talent shows, and concerts both on and off campus. Now as a graduate, with his heart rooted in the faith that has sustained him and with his eyes open to the darkness in the world around him, he stands ready to use his microphone as a flashlight to make the truth clear.

Download the Turn the Lights On! mixtape at http://daluxblaze.bandcamp.com and stay tuned for more new music!