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It’s All Good


Where you been homie? To answer this question, I could give a long list of excuses: Stretches of ridiculous hours at work (e.g. 80+ hrs/week in March and April), anxiety over what I’m doing with my life, stress over family stuff (including Dad being in Afghanistan), 2 completely unrelated trips to the emergency room, including one emergency surgery that resulted in 3 days in the hospital and the removal of some of my intestine (see below – fun times!), etc.  It’s no wonder that it’s about a week before my 23rd birthday and I’m counting  several gray hairs (either that or God is paying me back for all the times I teased my dad about his).

But nah, none of those things would really explain my virtual absence (“virtual” in both senses). People have been asking me via Facebook, Twitter,  email and even (the really creepy ones) via  Myspace (???) why I’ve been so quiet, so MIA, so invisible. Best way I can  put it – I needed some “me time” to reflect, refocus, and get my mind right (no emo).  Actually…”me time” is kinda inaccurate – I really needed the disruption in my self-centered routine so that I could turn my attention back to what’s important. Psalm 119:71 reads:

It is good for me that I was afflicted,
That I may learn Your statutes.

Sometimes a little (or a lot) of a pain proves useful to get us back on track. Anyway, I have nothing profound to share right now, other than to say that, yes, I’m still here, my family is the best, the people who support me are amazing, and God is still God. Stay tuned.


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